Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Family Fun Night

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Holiday Family Fun Night. We hope you enjoyed a Spaghetti dinner with your family and a few fun games and crafts in the gym! We also hope that your children were able to visit with Santa while at the event. Our Reindeer Lane Holiday Shoppe was open that evening for children and their families to do a little holiday shopping. What a wonderful way for children to be involved in gift giving during the holiday season. I personally worked a few days at the holiday shoppe and I can tell you the joy the children got from coming into the shoppe and mulling over items until they found just the right things for their loved ones. They had such pride and excitement. It was very evident that they had the spirit of giving this season. I hope that any of you who received one of the handpicked gifts have found some joy in your child's thoughtfulness.

Holiday Family Fun Night was ... well FUN... I watched as the kids played musical chairs, got tattoos, made guesses on how much candy was in the candy jars, made crafts, climbed the rock wall and of course got that visit in with Santa. I listened in on a few of their Christmas wishes. Kids are so innocent aren't they! Ok, I have to confess that a few of us adults visited with Santa too. (Well maybe more than a few) but we won't point fingers!! haha.

I want to extend a special thank you to all of the A+ students who helped make this night a success. Without their continued support we would not be able to make events like this happen. They are a tremendous help to our PTA. Additionally I want to thank Tricia Nugen, our PTA Secretary and woman of many many other hats for taking all of the wonderful Santa pictures, Carmen Gereke for planning this event and to all the other wonderful volunteers from or PTA family. I'll wrap up this post with a short peek at Holiday Family Fun Night!

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